Monday, 5 June 2017 Explains the Advantages of Genuine OEM Toner Cartridges

Whether you’re shopping here at or any other online vendors for toner cartridges, some terms you might have come across quite regularly may encompass “original toner cartridges”, “genuine toner cartridges”, or “OEM toner cartridges”.

“Original, genuine and OEM toner cartridges refer to toner cartridges that are made by the same firm that makes your printer. An OEM Dell toner cartridge, for instance, is made by Dell – not a third party” said the spokesperson of

There’s no doubt that authentic OEM toner cartridges are usually more costly than their remanufactured and compatible counterparts. Even so, there’re many reasons for purchasing a costly OEM toner cartridge. Here are the benefits:

• Assurance of getting the best print quality

• Assurance for 100 percent compatibility with a particular printer model.

• Assurance for getting the maximum yields.

• Assurance for dependability and reducing downtime.

• A remanufactured or compatible version of a toner cartridge isn’t accessible.

While a quality remanufactured or compatible toner cartridge can offer similar performance in comparison to the original version; the best price can be vindicated when assurance for compatibility, quality, and performance is of the highest importance.

The volume of pages one can print totally relies upon the original toner cartridge itself, as many cartridges offer a higher output than others. Present printing industry standards offer an output based on 5 percent page coverage. For instance: a 2,5yield original toner cartridge will offer 2,500 printed pages at 5 percent coverage per page.

How can I save on expensive OEM toner cartridges?

• Buy more than one, since many retailers offer quantity bargain when you buy in bulk.

• For color laser printers that need more than one cartridge, consider purchasing toner cartridge sets as they’re usually affordable compared to purchasing each cartridge individually.

• Going with a compatible or remanufactured version of a toner cartridge can harvest greater savings in comparison to an OEM version. Assess your requirements and make a selection accordingly.

• For documents where printing quality isn’t a matter of concern, take into account printing in draft mode to save ink that eventually saves you cash.

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