Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Benefits of MICR Check Printing Over Pre-Printed Checks

Well, friends here we are to expose the savings `& benefits of MICR Check Printing in comparison to pre-printed checks. 

The business case for putting your money on a MICR Check Printing solution regarding your bank’s branches must start with comprehending the savings & efficiency acquired over time. When compared to pre-inked checks a MICR Check Printing Solution through laser printer harvests:

·         Cost savings – including the price of toner, paper, etc.

·         Competence gains – encompassing the time it requires to print.

·         Enhanced service experience – encompassing the time the consumers waits for the stuff to be printed.

·         Improved safety – encompassing the safety aspects that decrease danger of scam and other losses.

Besides the cost savings aspect, MICR Check Printing Solutions also provide the supplementary advantages of offering magnetic ink security which lessens the below mentioned dangers:

·         Check Alternation – including changing a checks sum and/ or payee
·         Check Stock Pilfering – including stealing check stock to employ deceptively.
·         Check Duplications – including replicating the same check sum
·         General Ledger Mismatching – including a check that’s applied to a diverse general ledger.
·         Counterfeit Checks – including fake a check that resembles an authentic check.
·         Piggy Backing – including spotting stuffs during image detain. 

At present, MICR toner is still federally consented by the U.S. Govt to be on any check that’s approved to a person or business. Nonetheless, typical MICR toner and ink appear the same to the naked eye. Therefore, if stuffs are printed with normal ink accidentally, nobody may find out until the stuffs are gone through a MICR reader. And the fees of a check rejection can cost you big. 

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