Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Ways to Maintain the Toner Cartridges for Extended Life

Business corporations purchase and use several toner cartridges every year. Despite the fact it may cost more than ink cartridges, toner cartridges are still the number one choice almost for everyone due to its optimum quality and benefits. Before we further move to describe the maintenance tips toner cartridges, let’s have a brief look on few spectacular benefits of toner cartridges. 

Excellent Printing Value 

Original and branded brother tonercartridges always deliver exceptional printing values, while offering users a reliable printing performance at best budget suited cost. They usually last longer than ink cartridges, so that you don’t have to replace them frequently. 

Outstanding Quality

Toner cartridges are known to enable efficient and rigorous printing that brings out impressive results every time. Branded toner cartridges are manufacture to produce the highest print quality standards and prolong the life of your printer – saving a lot of money for you. 

Reliability & Performance

Toner cartridges are guaranteed to offer users best ever reliability without any toner leakage or messy prints. They are also quite easy to refill and save lots of time during printing. 

Now Come to the Maintenance Part

·         Always keep the printer in draft or economy mode, if you don’t need to print high quality prints. This setting uses less cartridge but still produces normal documents. 

·         Keep the printer off, while you are not using it. 

·         Unless you must use color, print documents in black and white or greyscale.

·         Change the settings to use Ecofont or Century Gothic font. These font styles use much less toner than other fonts, such as Arial and Times New Roman. 

·         To prevent toner from drying up, use the printer regularly or at least 3-4 times a week. Cartridge nozzles often get clogged while not used for a long time. 

·         Once a week run the printer's cartridge cleaning tool. This tool will correct misaligned or streaked printing.
·         Store unused toner cartridges properly in a dark and cool place, out of direct sun light. Keep the cartridges sealed in the original package until you need to use them.

·         Shake the toner cartridge firmly back and forth when the low toner warning message appears. This will allow you to print few more documents
·         Remove the toner from the printer and put a small piece of masking tape over the drum to disable the low toner sensor so that you can continue to print even after the cartridge is running low on toner. 

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Monday, 14 March 2016

MICR Toner: Making Check Printing Easy

We are in a society now, where everything is being counted on technology that we can rely on. Many business organizations and individuals are enjoying this cutting-edge technology to print their own checks. You must be wondering why companies want to printing checks on their own? The answer is so simple “To add a personal touch” and not to mention the customization that they can add. Additionally, they don’t have wait for bank to send the checks as they can do it in house.

The beauty of the check is it gives the capability to the banks to do the automated process of encoding, reading and sorting the account number, check number and routing number. This whole process will be entirely done by MCIR technology and not to say the layer of security it will add to the checks. Security is necessary to beat the frauds who wonder wit bogus checks to make fools out of people. You must have seen many insurance companies, airlines and hotel industries using this technology to hammer frauds. When criminals print bogus checks, and then can’t add the MICR layer in it, so they can be definitely defeated out of their strategy. So MICR is everywhere but you don’t know but have used it anyway.

Undoubtedly, you must have asked yourself and people, how these automatic scanning with MICR works. No there is no rocket science behind this, this all happen with the help of magnetic particles in the toner, which is being used while printing the characters, knows as MICR line that you can find at the bottom of your checks. If you thing normal toner can do the work you are wrong as its doesn’t have that magnetic particles and iron oxide, a chemical component with metal particles. This toner is the whole reason behind bank machines recognizing your checks.

MICR toner won’t be going with any printer you have with you. The metal particles in the toners make it possible to run it in specific kind of printers. This is the sole reason; MICR checks are printed on a separate printer in the office or your home. There are various brands offering MICR toner but ifr you are on budget then you should go for a third party toner kit. All you have to do is buy compatible toner kit, so that you won’t end off damaging your printing equipment. So you need to buy them from a reputable online store, like MICR Check Printer Toner by AAAtoner.

While there are particular and customized MICR Printers on the market and on the internet, you can print MICR checks with your standard laser jet printer. However, you have to get MICR toner that is compatible with your specific model then you’re ready to go. MICR Toner is available for many of the Printer models. But remember buy it only from a re3putable online seller, like MICR Check Printer Toner by AAAtoner.