Thursday, 1 December 2016

Use Canon ImageClass Printer & Toner to Meet Your Small Office Printing Needs

If you’re looking for a basic printer for your office to manage all its requirements, look no further. The Canon ImageClass printer and Canon ImageClass toner combination will offer everything you require, from straight forward printing operations to scanning abilities and faxing power. Above all, this cost-friendly printer is ideal for any budget conscious office.

As long as your workplace doesn’t require to perform a variety of technical duties, this printer will function without any fault. Copies can be made quickly and reproduced with a sharp image. This printer model will load sheet of papers rather fast and it does not require a long time before the printing function will start.
Though it can’t forward faxes like most of the advanced printers, but it receives & transmits them without any real issues. Considering the fact that this printer model is far affordable than other printers of its class, you can easily discover the Canon ImageClass printer ideal for all your small office requirements.

The printer itself is pretty small. The base of the device is about 18’’ tall, 17’’ deep, and 15’’ wide. It weight just about 28 pounds, yet it can manage various functions like other printers. Up to 25 pages that need to be faxed or scanned can be held inside its document feeder.

An LCD display will offer all the directions required over the printer, and 3 large switches under the printer will guide you towards the essential functions that the printer do: print, scan and fax. Other buttons you can find in the control panel, helping you perform some specific tasks.

Faxing is much easier with one of these printers. The engorged number panel will assist you to put in the numbers that you’re faxing. This printer also has an address-book for numbers that you regularly require to fax, offering effortless access. Sending a document through a fax machine has never been such easier.

When you first get your printer, the Canon ImageClass toner cartridge holds adequate toner for about 1,000 pages of printing. This can last for quite some time in a small workplace. The replacement that you’ll purchase will function about 2,000 pages. Considering the fact that the replacement cartridge cost you only around $70, you’re obtaining quite a discount that’ll last for some time. Printing cost just approximately 3 cents per page with this printer model.

The Canon ImageClass printer is one of the finest printers that your office could have for all its basic functions. Using Canon ImageClass toner itself will aid you save cash, making your workplace more productive.