Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Want To Refill Your Dell Toner? Know How to Do It

Do you have a home office? You may want to check in with Dell toner and printer products to maximize the use of your time and money. Dell knows what your needs are because they are so experienced in this field by now that they know what the next step is before they even finish the last one.

Toner is a powder normally used in laser printers to print text images. Dell toners can range in cost from $85 to $100 each. That can add up quickly, especially if you print a lot of photos, color graphics or just reams of text documents. Each toner cartridge can be used to print on up to 6,000 sheets of paper. With a refill kit, you can save money on buying replacement toner cartridges for your Dell printer. Here is how to refill your dell toner

·         Put on the latex gloves. These will protect your hands from any ink spills. Remove the Dell toner cartridge from the printer.

·         Locate the plastic fill plug on the side of the cartridge. Pull it out of the cartridge with a standard flat-headed screwdriver.

·         Discard the toner inside the cartridge. You can simply throw it into a sink. Wipe away any excess ink around the plug hole with a clean cloth.

·         Place the funnel cap on the head of the toner bottle from inside the toner refill kit.

·         Place the funnel into the plug hole and fill the cartridge until it is full of toner. Replace the plug hole cover. Shake the cartridge to ensure that the toner is evenly distributed.
Precautions to take when replacing your dell toner:

It is advised to read your Dell Owner's Manual before changing your cartridge. You will know when it is time for a replacement when the operator panel alerts you with a message to order new. Prior to removing the empty toners, you should clear the center output and make sure the multipurpose feeder is closed. When you open the printer, the empty container will be easily recognized as it will pushed out. Grab a hold of the one sticking out and push up. Now just pull it out and you are ready to order a new one.

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