Sunday, 10 April 2016

Few Tricks and Tips to Make Your Toner Go Longer

It is true that the ink and toner we use in office cost large amount of money. Printer which comes with the program that it can only use the toner of that particular company can be of higher price. But with some known tricks and tips, you can very well reduce the toner uses and the money. Following are the ways to make your Samsung toner last for days.

Hardware and setup

In case you have a laser printer in your office, you have to operate it in an environment that has stable temperature. If you frequently change the place of the printer, the efficiency will be compromised and the need of toner will increase. You should clean both the printer and toner parts at the same time regularly to ensure its longevity. Don’t frequently power on and off the printer, this cause addition toner loss.
Updated Software

You should always check your printer driver; make sure that they are up to date. The newer drivers are capable to control the toner usage in the printer. You can find many applications online that will help you to control the printing signal from the computer to your printer.

Better Operating

Watch for the person who is operating the printer in your office or your personal space. If you are the person who operates printer then every time you print something, you need to ask yourself that is this printing necessary now. If your mind gives positive answer then you should probably go for that printing. If a document is ok if it’s printed with black ink then don’t waste printing it with colour ink.

These are the few tips to make your toner go longer that you expect. Following these tips you can very well make printer to perform well. Buy best Samsung Toner Refill by AAAtoner.

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